Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday. You're only 7 years behind.

     A blog. Finally. 
Even the name sounds gross - a hybrid between German and something coughed up during a bad cold. 
oh, oh,  you might say while grabbing a tissue,  I have the blogs again, oy

     On to other things. While trolling popular e-lit sites, a notice a high content of stream-lined, transcendent, stream of consciousness poetry/prose. Phenomenal. Really? One wonders if these pieces are accepted because the cover letter might have had the words M.F.A or Ph.D. 

Is it okay to have a fake doctorate? An MFA from the School of Hard Knocks? I really wonder if someone established securely in the literary world would get the same acceptances as say, Sally Smith from South Dakota if their material were the same. Someone famous do this. 

     Now I lay me down to the alter of stream of consciousness bullshit phenomenon: 


for years I ate paper off the floor
in order to impress the boys
I would sweep up the dirt with words
and watch the teachers walk by
holding hands with their favorites
run into a corner and stuff my belly
tight with false pregnancy hoping
that I would give birth to bright faces
caught in surprise at my greatness
oh, oh, these faces would say, you are
all I’ve been waiting for, let us walk the


  1. I love your style of writing. It's not that similar, but have you read any of xTx's stuff?

    stuff my belly
    tight with false pregnancy hoping
    that I would give birth to bright faces
    caught in surprise at my greatness

    That just really grabbed me.

    If you're so inclined, check out Lily's Friday Preciction, which plays all week. We love new writers to join us.

    It's very casual and friendly, and you needn't be a horror writer, or any genre, really. I think you'd like Asuqi's work, too, and she'd love yours.

  2. I just grabbed my seat in terror and all my words fled like kicked dogs. Jesus, woman. You can't do that to a body.

    Any friendly hand from the literary community pointing me to any direction - even to hell is, well, awesome. Please, for the love of any god, do not be helpful. I will inundate you with questions. I will belabor your blog with comments. I will take every word you write to me with the seriousness of a physics equation.

    Thank you. A thousand thanks.


    I have read a bit of xTx's stuff. Don't have any of her printed material. I know it's the rage. I know. But I also think some of it smacks of attention seeking antics, the little made-up stories one would imagine to be their life, if their life was a thousand times worse.

    (I also read her interview in Dog Eat Crow World. The softy parts of my insides did not appreciate the 'leaving a dog tied to a tree to die' bit. I wondered if it was a PR move, and then I thought it was typical in today's world. 'Everyone kills everything and no one cares' kind of lit.

    I need to stop. I have contracting a disease, it is called Ranting. )


  3. Hi Jenny,

    I´m here via Becky whose recs are known to be stellar =)

    And I agree with her, do come play at the Feardom!

  4. LOL @ your xTx commentary. When I first got my blog, I came across her work and fell down ded. Now, well, I'm not so keen. And yet I keep looking. Train wreck, maybe? Or am I looking for the clues to the reality behind the words on screen?

    I don't know what to make of her. She's undoubtedly brilliant, though. Who knows. Time will tell.

    Asuqi could probably advise you not to take my words seriously. I'm a basketcase, though... a friendly basketcase? Anyway. Welcome.

  5. I ended up here from R.S. Bohn's place. I like your way with words. And ranting is a great gift!! I have regular rants, in fact I can feel a couple building themselves up right now.

    You have a new follower!

  6. asuqi - Thank you for the comment, and I will get myself to Feardom. (And, conveniently -I was very much in need a site with prompts.)

    R.S. Bohn - Oh yes, I do not dispute her well placed words. There are many lovely, crippled darlings in her work that grab at a reader. But I do hope she doesn't become the Lindsey Lohan of the lit world. "Look at my vagina (what I just wrote) because I forgot to put on my underwear (identity)"

    (After all, James Frey would have been better off with a pseudonym, yes?)

  7. Jenny, you won't go wrong with the Feardom. It's a fantastic weekly challenge and Lily is a great host.

  8. Bwahahaaaa! Vagina-identity! Priceless! Personally I think there should be more of everything (yes, I love the internet) then there will truly be something for everyone. Sure, one has to go through loads of rubbish to find the goodies, but that´s where people like Becky comes in -- the recs of trustworthy people, you know. And, holy crap, suddenly I find people here that gets me better than RL people and then I cry, oh welcome to the sappy universe that is me... What was I saying? My point? My point! My kingdom for a point!

  9. Now, the question is raised - is "college.debt" to be admired for your superb word choices, and evocative phrasing, or at cleverness such as "I would give birth to bright faces caught in surprise at my greatness", which indicates that, as you preface, the whole stream-of-consciousness style as interpreted lately is pure bullshit?

    Either way, it's clean and intriguing writing. And the Lindsay Lohan comment above? Funny. What exactly is the literary equivalent of a "firecrotch flash?"

  10. Glad you made it over to The Feardom Jenny. You have a voice that glistens with opposites and a frankness many would be afraid of - love it!

  11. And - just realised you're from Vermont. I've spent years tracing me old ancestors back to Vermont - still haven't found them.

  12. Chris: Too many generous compliments! It gives my words lockjaw!
    (I'm still saying 'thank you' to be polite. Thank you.) To be honest, there are more misses than hits with my writing. I'm almost afraid to post again now, with such wonderful encouragement from so many stellar writers. My subsequent posts will be considered red-headed stepchildren.

    Lily: Yes, I've been in frigid Vermont for a handful of years now. Are you French Canadian? It seems to be the trend here.

    David: I agree. Feardom is the place to be.

    asuqi: Oh, asuqi, I love your commentary.