Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chips and beer, alone but here.

How much is too much?
Do you bloggers shy away from the personal grit of your lives during posts, or spread those words around like hot grease? I've stared at that tightrope, and the height belies the fall. I find it odd - and fitting of today's society, that people I spend 40 or more hours a week in close quarters know less than you, fellow reader.

But I also find it odd to spend two hours in an alternately hot/cold black room in the evening, smelly and full of 60 or more people, quietly sitting-but-not-touching, so close to each other! All staring at a huge panel.

But hey, movie theaters are really popular, no?

On to other things. A little begining I much like, in the way you like the looks of someone on a bus or a train, but then less as they approach you. Maybe this story isn't as tall as I thought when I first spotted it.  Maybe this story was better as a romance-that-never-was. I'd like to finish it someday, but it's already quite three weeks stale. 
     “If you read me David Sedaris again, I am going to puke.”
This is a declarative sentence, I think inwardly. Third grade English teacher is beaming rays of eternal sunshine at me.
     His face was like a nude-color flower closing petal by petal until nothing was left but the tight bud of a mouth, “I thought you liked me reading to you?”
     “Yeah, well, I thought I liked having ovarian cancer because all of the free jell-o. But guess who’s charging?”         
     “You are a BITCH. And I hope cancer eats itself out of your PUSSY. “
That was a very declarative sentence, and I cannot argue with it.  I try to push my self farther back into the pillows, like a fluffy grave that will hide me. 

Someday little sentence, someday. You will have legs, and we will learn to tango. 

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  1. Interesting question: 'how much is too much?' I'm kind of the opinion that you can say anything to anyone as long as you find the right way to say it. And by that, I don't mean sanitized or 'socially acceptable', rather, saying it in a way that your audience experiences your message exactly as you intend -- which isn't necessarily the same as penning the raw and unadulterated 'truth'. The best posts have at least some self-referential reality; people pick up on that charge, even if what you are writing is broadly fictional. If it drips like acid, you can, indeed, say it as it is, assuming that flicks the intended switches. Of course, not everyone will read something that exposed -- social mores dictate so much of what people will or will not read. But I believe folks should always challenge their convictions, if those convictions are to be worth anything. In those terms, honesty is a gift. It won't always have an audience, though.

    And in case that was a rhetorical question and I'm getting too serious here, ;) I really liked your "His face was like a nude-color flower closing petal by petal until nothing was left but the tight bud of a mouth..." line.